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University of Sheffield
    University of Sheffield
  • Hochschule
  • Masterstudiengänge


University of Sheffield

Western Bank
S10 2TN Sheffield
+44 1142 222000

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University of Buffalo



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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - University of Sheffield

    Accounting, Governance and Financial Management
    Acquired Communication Disorders
    Advanced Aerospace Materials Manufacturing
    Advanced Computer Science
    Advanced Control and Systems Engineering
    Advanced Control and Systems Engineering (with Industry)
    Advanced Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Drives
    Advanced Emergency Care
    Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
    Advanced Materials Manufacturing
    Advanced Mechanical Engineering
    Advanced Metallurgy
    Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
    Advanced Nursing Studies
    Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner
    Advanced Software Engineering
    Advanced Solid State Chemistry and Applications
    Advancing Practice (Modular Framework)
    Aegean Archaeology
    Aerodynamics and Aerostructures
    Aerospace Materials
    American History
    Applied GIS
    Applied Linguistics with TESOL
    Applied Professional Studies in Education
    Applied Professional Studies in Education (Online)
    Archaeology of the Classical Mediterranean
    Architectural Design
    Architectural Engineering Design
    Architecture and Landscape Architecture
    Architecture and Town and Regional Planning
    Biblical Studies Research
    Biochemical Engineering with Industrial Management
    Biological and Bioprocess Engineering
    Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine
    Broadcast Journalism
    Business Finance and Economics
    Catalan Studies
    Ceramic Science and Engineering
    Cities and Global Development
    Civil Engineering
    Cleft and Speech
    Clinical Communication Studies
    Clinical Neurology
    Clinical Research
    Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience
    Cognitive Neuroscience and Human Neuroimaging
    Cognitive Studies
    Commercial Real Estate
    Computational Intelligence and Robotics
    Computer Science with Speech and Language Processing
    Contemporary China
    Contemporary Japan
    Corporate and Commercial Law
    Creative Writing
    Cultural Heritage Management
    Cultural Materials
    Data Analytics
    Data Communications
    Data Science
    Dementia Studies
    Dental Implantology
    Dental Materials Science
    Dental Public Health
    Dental Public Health (MDPH)
    Dental Technology
    Diagnostic Oral Pathology
    Digital Design and Interactive Built Environments
    Digital Library Management
    Digital Media and Society
    Early Childhood Education
    Early Childhood Education (Malta)
    Early Modern History
    Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics
    East Asian Business
    Ecology and Environment
    Ecology and Environment (Research)
    Economics and Health Economics
    Economics and Public Policy
    Education - Language and Education
    Eighteenth-Century Studies
    Electronic and Electrical Engineering
    Energy Engineering with Industrial Management
    English Language and Linguistics
    English Literature
    English Studies
    Entrepreneurship and Management
    Environmental and Energy Engineering
    Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy
    Environmental Change and International Development
    European and Global Affairs
    European Governance and Politics
    European Law
    European Law, Governance and Politics (Law)
    European Law, Governance and Politics (Politics)
    Europubhealth - European Masters Programme in Public Health
    Evolution and Behavior
    Evolution and Behavior (Research)
    Finance and Accounting
    Financial Economics
    Food Security and Food Justice
    French Studies Research Track
    Genomic Medicine
    Germanic Studies
    Global Journalism
    Global Justice
    Global Marketing Management
    Global Politics and Law
    Global Politics and Law (Law)
    Global Politics and Law (Politics)
    Global Security
    Globalisation and Development
    Globalising Education - Policy and Practice
    Governance and Public Policy
    Health Economics and Decision Modelling
    Health Informatics
    Hispanic Studies
    Historical Research
    Human and Molecular Genetics
    Human Nutrition
    Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology
    Human Resource Management
    Information Management
    Information Systems
    Information Systems Management
    Integrated Practice with Children and their Families
    Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology
    Intercultural Communication
    Intercultural Communication and International Development
    International Criminology
    International Development
    International Development (Master of Arts)
    International Finance and Economics
    International Health Management and Leadership
    International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement
    International Law and Global Justice
    International Management
    International Management and Marketing
    International Political Communication
    International Political Economy
    International Relations
    International Social Change and Policy
    Landscape Archaeology
    Landscape Architecture
    Landscape Management
    Landscape Research
    Landscape Studies
    Language and Communication Impairment in Children
    Language and Literacy
    Languages, Education and Research
    Languages, Education and Research (Malta)
    Latin American Studies
    Law (Master of Arts)
    Leadership and Management
    Learning, Teaching and Research (Malta)
    Legal Practice
    Library and Information Services Management
    Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Magazine Journalism
    Management (International Business)
    Marketing Management Practice
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management
    Medieval Archaeology
    Medieval History
    Modern History
    Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Disease
    Molecular Medicine
    Money, Banking and Finance
    Multilingual Information Management
    Musculoskeletal Ageing
    Music Management
    Music Performance Studies
    Music Psychology in Education
    Nanomaterials and Materials Science
    Nineteenth-Century Studies
    Nuclear Materials Engineering and Science
    Nuclear Science and Technology
    Occupational Psychology
    Paediatric Dentistry
    Plant and Microbial Biology
    Plant and Microbial Biology (Research)
    Polar and Alpine Change
    Political Theory
    Politics with Research Methods
    Polymers and Polymer Composite Science and Engineering
    Polymers for Advanced Technologies
    Print Journalism
    Process Safety and Loss Prevention
    Psychological Research Methods
    Psychology and Education
    Psychology and Education (Conversion)
    Psychology for Musicians
    Psychology of Music
    Public Health
    Public Health by Distance Learning
    Public Humanities
    Real Estate Planning and Development
    Religion, Leadership and Society
    Reproductive and Developmental Medicine
    Science Communication
    Screen Translation
    Semiconductor Photonics and Electronics
    Sensory Neuroscience
    Social Research
    Social Work
    Software Systems and Internet Technology
    Sonic Arts
    Speech Difficulties
    Statistics with Financial Mathematics
    Statistics with Medical Applications
    Steel Construction
    Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
    Structural and Concrete Engineering
    Structural Engineering
    Sustainable Architecture Studies
    Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
    Theatre and Performance Studies
    Town and Regional Planning
    Traditional Music of the British Isles
    Translation Studies
    Translational Neuropathology (Neuroscience)
    Translational Neuroscience
    Translational Oncology
    Urban Design
    Urban Design and Planning
    Vision and Strabismus
    Water Engineering
    Wireless Communication Systems
    Work Psychology
    World Music Studies

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