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University of Manchester
    University of Manchester
  • Hochschule
  • Masterstudiengänge


University of Manchester

Oxford Road
M13 9PL Manchester
+44 161 306 6000

Weitere Standorte:

Alliance Manchester Business School

Booth Street East
M13 9SS Manchester
England - North West England
+44 1613 061339

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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - University of Manchester

    Accounting and Finance
    ACS: Computer Security
    ACS: Computer Systems Engineering
    ACS: Data and Knowledge Management
    ACS: Digital Biology
    ACS: Multi-Core Computing
    ACS: Software Engineering
    ACSwITM: Information Management
    Actuarial Science
    Advanced Audiology Studies
    Advanced Chemical Engineering
    Advanced Chemical Process Design MSc
    Advanced Composites MSc
    Advanced Computer Science
    Advanced Computer Science and IT Management
    Advanced Control and Systems Engineering
    Advanced Engineering Materials
    Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Systems Management
    Advanced Process Design for Energy
    Advanced Professional Health Studies
    Advanced Web Technologies
    Aerospace Engineering
    American Studies
    Anthropological Research
    Applications in Environmental Science
    Applied Mathematics
    Applied Mental Health
    Applied Theatre
    Art Gallery and Museum Studies
    Art History
    Artificial Intelligence
    Arts Management, Policy and Practice
    Biblical Studies
    Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
    Biological Sciences
    Biomedical and Forensic Studies in Egyptology
    Biotechnology and Enterprise
    Business Administration
    Business Analysis and Strategic Management
    Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis
    Business Psychology
    Cancer Research and Molecular Biomedicine
    Cardiovascular Health and Disease
    Cell Biology
    Chemical Engineering with Design
    Classics and Ancient History
    Clinical and Health Psychology
    Clinical and Health Services Pharmacy
    Clinical Biochemistry
    Clinical Research
    Clinical Rheumatology
    Cognitive Brain Imaging
    Communication Engineering
    Community Pharmacy Public Health Services
    Competition, Regulation and Development
    Computer Science Foundation Route
    Computer Science individual modules
    Conference Interpreting
    Contemporary Literature and Culture
    Corporate Governance
    Corrosion Control Engineering
    Creative Writing
    Crime, Law and Society
    Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies
    Critical Learning Disability Studies
    Cultural History
    Deaf Education
    Dementia Care pathway
    Dental Implantology
    Dental Public Health
    Development Economics and Policy
    Development Finance
    Development Studies
    Developmental Biology
    Digital Image and Signal Processing
    Digital Technologies, Communication and Education
    Early Modern History
    Economic and Social History
    Economics (Economics of Health)
    Economics (Environmental Economics)
    Economics and Econometrics
    Education (International)
    Educational Leadership and Improvement
    Educational Leadership and School Improvement
    Educational Research
    Effective Amplification for infants and children
    Electrical Energy Conversion Systems
    Electrical Power Systems Engineering
    Electroacoustic Music Composition
    Endodontics (Dental Specialties)
    English and American Studies
    English Language
    Environment and Sustainable Technology
    Environmental Governance
    Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
    Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction
    Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management
    Financial Economics
    Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics
    Forensic Mental Health
    Full-time MBA
    Gender, Sexuality and Culture
    Genetic Counselling
    Genetic Medicine
    Geographical Information Science
    Glaucoma module
    Global (part-time) MBA
    Global Business Analysis
    Global Executive MBA
    Global Health
    Global Urban Development and Planning
    Globalisation and Development
    Health and Social Care
    Health Care Ethics & Law
    History of Science, Technology and Medicine
    Human Resource Development
    Human Resource Management and Development
    Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
    Human Rights - Law/ Political Science Pathway
    Human Rights - Political Science
    Humanitarianism and Conflict Response
    ICTs for Development
    Immunology and Immunogenetics
    Industry, Trade and Development
    Informatics for Healthcare Systems: Improving Skills for Patient Driven Healthcare
    Information Systems: Organisation and Management
    Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
    Integrative Biology
    Intellectual Property Law
    Intercultural Communication
    International Business and Commercial Law
    International Business and Management (Management)
    International Development: Development Management
    International Development: Economics and Management of Rural Development
    International Development: Environment and Development
    International Development: Politics and Governance
    International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction
    International Development: Public Policy and Management
    International Disaster Management
    International Fashion Retailing
    International Fashion Retailing (Business Process Improvement)
    International Fashion Retailing (Multichannel Marketing)
    International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations
    Jewish Studies
    Languages and Cultures
    Languages and Linguistics
    Latin American and Caribbean Studies
    Law and Development
    Literature and Culture 1200-1700
    LLM Health Care Ethics and Law
    Maintenance Engineering & Asset Management
    Management and Implementation of Development Projects
    Management and Information Systems: Change and Development
    Management of Projects
    Management of Projects: Commercial Project Management
    Management of Projects: Construction Project Management
    Management of Projects: Engineering Project Management
    Materials and Surface Design
    Maternal and Fetal Health
    Mathematical Finance
    Mechanical Engineering Design
    Medical Education
    Medical Imaging
    Medical Microbiology
    Medical Sciences
    Medical Virology
    Medieval Studies
    Mental Health Perspectives
    Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology
    MSc in International Commercial and Contract Management
    Nuclear Science and Technology
    Occupational Hygiene
    Occupational Medicine
    Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Organisational Change and Development
    Organisational Psychology
    Peace and Conflict
    Petroleum Exploration Geoscience
    Petroleum Geoscience for Reservoir Development and Production
    PGCE Secondary Business Education
    PGCE Secondary Chemistry
    PGCE Secondary Design Technology
    PGCE Secondary English
    PGCE Secondary Mathematics
    PGCE Secondary Modern Languages (French/German/Spanish)
    PGCE Secondary Physics
    PGCE Secondary Physics with Maths
    PGCE Secondary Science Biology
    Pharmaceutical Industrial Advanced Training
    Plant Sciences
    Primary Mental Health Care pathway
    Profound and Complex Learning Disability
    Project Management
    Psychiatry (blended learning)
    Public Health
    Public International & European Law
    Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Logic
    Quantitative Finance
    Refinery Design & Operation
    Religions and Theology
    Renewable Energy and Clean Technology
    Screen Studies
    Semantic Technologies
    Social Anthropology
    Social Change
    Social Research Methods and Statistics
    Social Work
    Sociological Research
    South Asian Studies
    Structural Engineering
    Textile Technology
    Theatre and Performance
    Thermal Power & Fluid Engineering
    Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine
    Translation and Interpreting Studies
    Translational Medicine
    Urban Regeneration and Development
    Visual Anthropology

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