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University of Leeds

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    University of Leeds
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Woodhouse Lane 1
LS2 9JT Leeds
+44 113 243 1751


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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - University of Leeds

    Accounting and Finance
    Actuarial Finance
    Advanced Chemical Engineering
    Advanced Computer Science
    Advanced Computer Science (Cloud Computing)
    Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics)
    Advanced Computer Science (Intelligent Systems)
    Advanced Concrete Technology
    Advanced General Dental Practice
    Advanced Mechanical Engineering
    Advanced Practice
    Advertising and Design
    Advertising and Marketing
    Aerospace Engineering
    American Literature and Culture
    Applied and Professional Ethics (Online)
    Applied Psychology of Music
    Applied Theatre and Intervention
    Applied Translation Studies
    Arabic/English Translation
    Art Gallery and Museum Studies
    Arts Management and Heritage Studies
    Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics
    Audiovisual Translation Studies
    Automotive Engineering
    Banking and International Finance
    Biodiversity and Conservation
    Biodiversity and Conservation (MRes)
    Biodiversity and Conservation with African Field Course
    Biodiversity and Conservation with African Field Course (MRes)
    Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics
    Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics (MRes)
    Biopharmaceutical Development
    Business Analytics and Decision Sciences
    Business and Public Service Interpreting and Translation Studies
    Business Psychology
    Chemical Biology and Drug Design
    Chemical Process Engineering
    Childhood Studies
    Chinese and Management
    Climate and Atmospheric Science
    Climate Change and Environmental Policy
    Clinical Care
    Clinical Embryology
    Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproduction Technology
    Clinical Research Methods
    Communication and Media
    Communications and Signal Processing
    Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies
    Conflict, Development and Security
    Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy
    Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
    Creative Writing and Critical Life
    Criminal Justice and Criminal Law
    Criminal Justice and Criminology
    Critical and Applied Musicology
    Critical and Cultural Theory
    Critical and Experimental Composition
    Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
    Curating Science
    Data Analytics and Human Resource Management
    Data Science and Analytics
    Deaf Education (Teacher of the Deaf Qualification)
    Dental Public Health
    Design Future Society
    Diagnostic Imaging
    Digital Communications Networks
    Digital Information Management and Systems Innovation
    Disability Studies
    East Asian Cultures and Societies
    East Asian Cultures and Societies (Language Pathway)
    East Asian Studies
    Ecological Economics
    Economics and Finance
    Education and Professional Enquiry
    Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems
    Electronic and Computer Music
    Electronic and Electrical Engineering
    Embedded Systems Engineering
    Energy and Environment
    Engineering Geology
    Engineering Project Management
    Engineering Technology and Business Management
    English Language Teaching and Digital Technologies
    English Literature
    English Literature (Modern and Contemporary Pathway)
    English Literature (Renaissance Pathway)
    English Literature (Romantic Pathway)
    English Literature (Victorian Pathway)
    Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
    Environment and Development
    Environment and Development with Integrated International Fieldwork
    Environmental Engineering and Project Management
    Environmental Water Consultancy
    Epidemiology and Biostatistics
    Executive MBA
    Exploration Geophysics
    Fashion, Enterprise and Society
    Film, Photography and Media
    Finance and Investment
    Financial Mathematics
    Financial Risk Management
    Fine Art
    Food Quality and Innovation
    Food Science
    Food Science (Food Biotechnology)
    Food Science and Nutrition
    Full Time MBA
    Gender Studies
    Geographical Information Systems
    Global Development
    Global Development and Africa
    Global Development and Education
    Global Development and Gender
    Global Development and International Political Economy
    Global Fashion Management
    Global Strategy and Innovation Management
    Global Supply Chain Management
    Health Informatics
    High Performance Graphics and Games Engineering
    History of Health, Medicine and Society
    History of Science, Technology and Medicine
    Human Resource Management
    Inequalities and Social Science
    Infection, Immunity and Human Disease
    Intellectual Property Law
    International Banking and Finance Law
    International Business
    International Business Law
    International Communication
    International Construction Management and Engineering
    International Corporate Law
    International Education Leadership and Policy
    International Health
    International Human Rights Law
    International Journalism
    International Law
    International Marketing Management
    International Relations
    International Relations and Politics of the Middle East
    International Trade Law
    Law and Finance
    Law and Social Justice
    Linguistics and English Language Teaching
    Management Consulting
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Mathematical Modelling for Transport
    Mathematics and Computer Science
    Mechatronics and Robotics
    Media Industries
    Medical Education
    Medical Engineering
    Medical Imaging
    Medical Statistics
    Medieval History
    Medieval Studies
    Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
    Modern History
    Molecular Medicine
    Music and Management
    New Media
    Organizational Psychology
    Paediatric Dentistry
    Performance Design
    Petroleum Production Engineering
    Pharmacy Practice
    Pharmacy Practice with Prescribing
    Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
    Physics and Business Management
    Plant Science and Biotechnology
    Political Communication
    Politics (Political Theory)
    Polymers, Colorants and Fine Chemicals
    Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies
    Professional Language and Intercultural Studies
    Promotional Media
    Psychotherapy and Counselling
    Public Administration
    Public Health - Health Management, Planning and Policy (International)
    Public Health (International)
    Race and Resistance
    Religion and Public Life
    Religious Studies and Global Development
    River Basin Dynamics and Management with GIS
    Security, Conflict and Justice
    Security, Terrorism and Insurgency
    Social and Cultural History
    Social and Political Thought
    Social and Public Policy
    Social History of Art
    Social Research
    Social Work
    Society, Culture and Media
    Special Educational Needs
    Sport and Exercise Medicine
    Statistics with Applications to Finance
    Structural Engineering
    Structural Geology with Geophysics
    Sustainability and Business
    Sustainability and Consultancy
    Sustainability in Transport
    Sustainable Cities
    Technology, Education and Learning
    TESOL (Teacher Education)
    TESOL and Information and Communications Technology
    TESOL for Young Learners
    TESOL Studies
    Theology and Religious Studies
    Translational Research in Oral Sciences
    Transport Economics
    Transport Planning
    Transport Planning and Engineering
    Transport Planning and the Environment
    War and Strategy
    Water, Sanitation and Health Engineering
    Writing for Performance and Publication

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