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University College London

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    University College London
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Gower Street
WC1E 6BT London
+44 20 7679 2000

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UCL Australia

Victoria Square 220
SA 5000 Adelaide
South Australia
+61 8 8110 9960

UCL Qatar

Al Huqoul St
Education Doha
+974 4457 8680

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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - University College London

    Adaptive Architecture and Computation (MRes)
    Adaptive Architecture and Computation (MSc)
    Adult Literacy, Language and Numeracy
    Advanced Audiology
    Advanced Biomedical Imaging
    Advanced High Energy Physics
    Advanced Materials Science
    Advanced Neuroimaging
    Advanced Physiotherapy: Cardiorespiratory
    Advanced Physiotherapy: Paediatrics
    Advanced Spatial Analysis
    African Studies with Environment
    African Studies with Health
    African Studies with Heritage
    Ancient History
    Anthropology, Environment and Development
    Applied Analytical Chemistry
    Applied and Regenerative Neuroscience
    Applied Educational Leadership and Management
    Applied Immunobiology
    Applied Linguistics
    Applied Paediatric Neuropsychology
    Applied Research in Human Communication Disorders
    Aquatic Science
    Archaeology and Heritage of Asia
    Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East
    Archaeology of the Arab and Islamic World
    Architectural Design
    Architectural History
    Architecture and Digital Theory
    Architecture and Historic Urban Environments
    Archives and Records Management
    Art and Design in Education
    Artefact Studies
    Audiological Science
    Audiological Science with Clinical Practice
    Behaviour Change
    Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology
    Biochemical Engineering
    Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation
    Biological Physics
    Biology of Vision
    Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
    Biomedical Sciences
    Brain and Mind Sciences
    Brain Sciences
    Building and Urban Design in Development
    Built Environment: Environmental Design and Engineering
    Built Environment: Sustainable Heritage
    Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Business Analytics (with specialisation in Computer Science)
    Cardiovascular Science
    Cell and Gene Therapy
    Central and South-East European Studies
    Chemical Process Engineering
    Chemical Research
    Child and Adolescent Mental Health
    Child Development
    Chinese Health and Humanity
    Citizenship, History or Religious Education (Humanities)
    City Planning
    Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering (with specialisations)
    Climate Change
    Clinical and Public Health Nutrition
    Clinical Drug Development (MRes)
    Clinical Drug Development (MSc)
    Clinical Education
    Clinical Mental Health Sciences
    Clinical Neurology
    Clinical Neuroscience
    Clinical Ophthalmology
    Clinical Paediatric Neuropsychology
    Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy
    Cognitive and Decision Sciences
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children and Young People
    Cognitive Neuroscience (MRes)
    Cognitive Neuroscience (MSc)
    Comparative Art and Archaeology
    Comparative Business Economics
    Comparative Economics and Policy
    Comparative Education
    Comparative Literature
    Computational Statistics and Machine Learning (MRes)
    Computational Statistics and Machine Learning (MSc)
    Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging
    Computer Science
    Conservation for Archaeology and Museums
    Conservation Studies
    Conservative Dentistry
    Construction Economics and Management
    Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism
    Creative and Collaborative Enterprise
    Crime and Forensic Science
    Crime Science
    Cultural Heritage Studies
    Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment
    Data Science for Research in Health and Biomedicine
    Democracy and Comparative Politics
    Dental Public Health
    Design for Manufacture
    Design for Performance and Interaction
    Development Administration and Planning
    Development Education and Global Learning
    Development, Technology and Innovation Policy
    Developmental and Educational Psychology
    Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology
    Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice
    Digital Anthropology
    Digital Humanities
    Digital Media, Culture and Education
    Drug Design (MRes)
    Drug Design (MSc)
    Drug Discovery and Development
    Drug Discovery and Pharma Management
    Drug Sciences
    Dutch Golden Age
    Dutch Studies: Language, Culture and History
    Early Modern Studies
    Early Years Education
    Earth Sciences
    Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management
    East European Studies
    Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition
    Economic Policy
    Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment
    Economy, State and Society: Economics and Business
    Economy, State and Society: Nation, History and Society
    Economy, State and Society: Politics and Security
    Economy, State and Society: Politics and the International Economy
    Education (Psychology)
    Education and International Development
    Education and Technology
    Education, Gender and International Development
    Education, Health Promotion and International Development
    Educational and Social Research
    Educational Assessment
    Educational Leadership (International)
    Educational Neuroscience
    Educational Planning, Economics and International Development
    Effective Learning and Teaching
    Endodontology (Advanced Training)
    Energy and Resources Management
    Energy Demand Studies
    Energy, Technology and Climate Policy
    Engineering for International Development
    Engineering with Finance
    Engineering with Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    English Education
    English Linguistics
    English: Issues in Modern Culture
    Environment and Sustainable Development
    Environment, Politics and Society
    Environmental Archaeology
    Environmental Mapping
    Environmental Modelling
    Environmental Systems Engineering
    Ethnographic and Documentary Film (Practical)
    European Culture and Thought: Culture
    European Culture and Thought: Thought
    European History
    European Public Policy
    European Studies
    European Studies: European Society
    European Studies: Modern European Studies
    Evaluation, Inspection and Educational Improvement
    Evidence-Based Healthcare
    Experimental Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    Facility and Environment Management
    Film Studies
    Financial Mathematics
    Financial Risk Management
    Financial Systems Engineering
    Fine Art (MA)
    Fine Art (MFA)
    French and Francophone Studies: Language, Culture and History
    Gender, Society and Representation (optional: Research Pathway)
    Genetics of Human Disease
    Geography Education
    Geoinformatics for Building Information Modelling
    Geophysical Hazards
    Geospatial Analysis
    German History: Language, Culture and History
    German Studies: Language, Culture and History
    GIS (Geographic Information Science)
    GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology
    Global Governance and Ethics
    Global Health
    Global Health and Development
    Global Health and Development: tropEd programme
    Global Migration
    Global Public Policy and Management
    Globalisation and Latin American Development
    Health and Medical Sciences
    Health and Medical Sciences: Cancer Care Innovation
    Health and Society: Social Epidemiology
    Health Economics and Decision Science
    Health Informatics
    Health Psychology
    Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings
    Healthcare Associated Infection Control
    Higher and Professional Education
    Higher Education Management
    Hispanic Studies: Language, Culture and History
    History (SSEES)
    History and Philosophy of Science
    History of Art
    History of Education
    Housing and City Planning
    Human Evolution and Behaviour
    Human Rights
    Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics
    Hydrographic Surveying
    ICT Innovation
    Industrial/Organisational and Business Psychology
    Infancy and Early Childhood Development
    Infection and Immunity
    Information Science
    Information Security
    Information Studies
    Infrastructure Investment and Finance
    Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems
    Inter-disciplinary Urban Design
    International Planning
    International Public Policy
    International Real Estate and Planning
    International Relations of the Americas
    Internet Engineering
    Italian Studies: Language, Culture and History
    Jewish Studies
    Language Sciences (with specialisations)
    Language, Culture and History
    Late Antique and Byzantine Studies
    Latin American Politics
    Latin American Studies
    Legal and Political Theory
    Library and Information Studies
    Library and Information Studies (UCL Qatar)
    Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management
    Light and Lighting
    Linguistics (optional: with specialisations)
    Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties
    London School of Geometry and Number Theory
    Machine Learning
    Managing Archaeological Sites
    Marine Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical Options)
    Material and Visual Culture
    Materials for Energy and Environment
    Materials, Anthropology and Design
    Mathematical Modelling
    Mathematics Education
    Mechanical Engineering
    Medical Anthropology
    Medical Education
    Medical Mycology
    Medical Otology and Audiology (with specialisations)
    Medical Physics and Bioengineering
    Medical Technology Entrepreneurship
    Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    Mediterranean Archaeology
    Mega Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery
    Mental Health Sciences Research
    Modelling Biological Complexity
    Molecular Modelling
    Molecular Modelling and Materials Science
    Musculoskeletal Science
    Musculoskeletal Science (by Distance Learning)
    Museum and Gallery Practice
    Museum Studies
    Museums and Galleries in Education
    Music Education
    Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine
    Naval Architecture
    Networked Computer Systems
    Neurology (for Clinical Trainees)
    Neuromuscular Diseases (MRes)
    Neuromuscular Diseases (MSc)
    Ophthalmology with Clinical Practice
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Oral Medicine
    Oral Surgery
    Oral Surgery (Advanced Training)
    Organic Chemistry: Drug Discovery
    Orthodontics (Advanced Training)
    Otology and Audiology
    Paediatric Dentistry
    Paediatrics and Child Health: Advanced Paediatrics
    Paediatrics and Child Health: Community Child Health
    Paediatrics and Child Health: Global Child Health
    Paediatrics and Child Health: Molecular and Genomic Paediatrics
    Paediatrics and Child Health: Paediatric Gastroenterology
    Pain Management
    Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology
    Performing Arts Medicine
    Perioperative Medicine
    Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship
    Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine
    Philosophy of Education
    Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health
    Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Healthcare and Rehabilitation
    Physics and Engineering in Medicine by Distance Learning
    Physics and Engineering in Medicine: Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging
    Physics and Engineering in Medicine: Medical Image Computing
    Physics and Engineering in Medicine: Radiation Physics
    Physiotherapy Studies: Cardiorespiratory
    Physiotherapy Studies: Paediatrics
    Planetary Science
    Policy Studies in Education
    Political Analysis (Russia and Eastern Europe)
    Political Sociology (Russia and Eastern Europe)
    Politics and Economics of Eastern Europe
    Population Health
    Power Systems Engineering
    Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine
    Primary Education (Policy and Practice)
    Principles of Conservation
    Professional Accountancy
    Professional Education and Training
    Project and Enterprise Management
    Prosthodontics (Advanced Training)
    Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology
    Psychology of Education
    Public Administration and Management
    Public Archaeology
    Public Policy
    Quantitative Research Methods
    Quantum Technologies
    Reception of the Classical World
    Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technologies
    Remote Sensing
    Reproductive Science and Women's Health
    Research for Public Policy and Practice
    Research Methods for Archaeology
    Research Methods in Psychology
    Restorative Dental Practice
    Risk and Disaster Reduction
    Risk and Disaster Science
    Risk, Disaster and Resilience
    Robotics and Computation
    Russian and East European Literature and Culture
    Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
    Russian Studies
    Scandinavian Studies
    Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology
    Science Education
    Science, Engineering and Public Policy
    Science, Technology and Society
    Scientific Computing
    Security Studies
    Situated Practice
    Smart Cities and Urban Analytics
    Social and Cultural Anthropology
    Social and Cultural Anthropology
    Social Cognition: Research and Applications
    Social Development Practice
    Social Justice and Education
    Social Policy and Social Research
    Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights
    Sociology of Education
    Software Systems Engineering
    Space Risk and Disaster Reduction
    Space Science and Engineering: Space Science
    Space Science and Engineering: Space Technology
    Spatial Data Science and Visualisation
    Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities (MRes)
    Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities (MSc)
    Spatial Planning
    Spatio-temporal Analytics and Big Data Mining
    Special and Inclusive Education
    Special and Inclusive Education
    Special Care Dentistry
    Specialised Translation (with specialisations)
    Specific Learning Difficulties (dyslexia)
    Speech and Language Sciences
    Speech, Language and Cognition
    Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Schools: Advanced Practice
    Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health
    Statistics (Medical Statistics)
    Strategic Management of Projects
    Stroke Medicine
    Stroke Medicine (MRes)
    Surgical and Interventional Sciences
    Sustainable Resources
    Sustainable Urbanism
    Synthetic Biology
    Systems Engineering Management
    Teaching and Learning in Higher and Professional Education
    Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials
    Technology Entrepreneurship
    Technology Management
    Telecommunications MRes
    Telecommunications MSc
    Telecommunications with Business
    TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
    Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies (Non-Clinical)
    Translational Neurology
    Transnational Studies
    Transport and City Planning
    Transport with Business Management
    Transport with Sustainable Development
    Trauma and Orthopaedics
    United States Studies: History and Politics
    Urban Archaeology
    Urban Design
    Urban Design and City Planning
    Urban Development Planning
    Urban Economic Development
    Urban Innovation and Policy
    Urban Regeneration
    Urban Studies
    Urban Sustainability and Resilience
    Vision Research
    Web Science and Big Data Analytics MRes
    Web Science and Big Data Analytics MSc
    Wireless and Optical Communications

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