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Leiden University

In 1575, the Netherlands founded its first university in Leiden. It soon became one of Europe’s leading universities and it still is today.

Leiden University is made up of seven faculties, six in Leiden and one, the Campus The Hague Faculty, in The Hague. The Hague, known throughout the world as the City of Peace and Justice, is home to many international organisations. Altogether, Leiden offers over 60 master’s programmes with more than 250 specializations. Almost all master’s and PhD programmes are taught in English.

The most obvious reason is Leiden’s excellent international reputation as a multidisciplinary, research-intensive university with a global orientation. Leiden performs consistently well in international rankings, so a brief look at such rankings as the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities or the Times Higher Education World University Ranking (the) will give you a good idea of Leiden’s reputation. According to the most recent the ranking, Leiden is in 64th place, putting it in first position of all Dutch universities, and Leiden’s Arts and Humanities faculty consistently ranks at the top of Continental Europe. Leiden University holds a leading position in many different fields, from natural sciences, life sciences, medicine and astronomy to the social and behavioural sciences, the arts, international law and non-Western languages. It is also a member of prestigious international partnerships with prominent universities, such as those in Oxford, Munich and Paris.       

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Leiden University: Student life

Leiden University was originally founded in the city of Leiden, today, the university has also a Campus in The Hague. Both these cities are in the western coastal part of the Netherlands and have excellent train connections to Germany.

Leiden is a typical university city with an environment where people soon feel at home.  It’s a small and safe city in the heart of Western Europe with many international students. The historical centre has many beautiful 16th and 17th century buildings, and is crisscrossed by canals. In Leiden, the University buildings and student accommodation are spread throughout the city. But as Leiden is a compact city, you are never far away from the action. Wherever you want to be – the lecture halls, the library, your tutor’s room or one of the city’s many pavement cafes – you are never more than a 10-minute bike ride away.

The Leiden University’s Campus in The Hague is  just ten minutes by train from the city of Leiden. In the judicial capital of the world, home of amongst others the International Court of Justice and the Peace Palace,  you can take programmes on the themes of peace and justice in a Dutch and global context. The Hague is a cosmopolitan city brimming with style and culture, full of parks and elegant homes. The city has always been the seat of national government and the official residence of the Dutch monarchs.

There is always something interesting going on in Leiden or The Hague.  

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Leiden University: Admission

Leiden University welcomes German applicants who are looking to expand their global education at a university with a reputation for academic excellence.

Admission to master’s programs or even specialisation has its own entry requirements and admission procedure. To see what procedure applies to that programme and in your specific case, please see the page of the programme you are interested in at www.mastersinleiden.nl.

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Leiden University - Impressionen zum Masterstudium

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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - Leiden University

    African Studies
    African Studies (Research)
    Air and Space Law
    Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory
    Ancient History
    Ancient History (Research)
    Applied Cognitive Psychology
    Applied Mathematics
    Applied Neuroscience in Human Development
    Arabic Studies
    Archaeological Science
    Archaeology (Research)
    Archival Studies
    Art and Architecture before 1800
    Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies
    Art, Architecture and Interior before 1800
    Arts and Culture
    Arts and Culture (Research)
    Asian Studies
    Asian Studies (Research)
    Assyriology (Research)
    Astronomy (Research)
    Astronomy and Business Studies
    Astronomy and Cosmology
    Astronomy and Data Science
    Astronomy and Education
    Astronomy and Instrumentation
    Astronomy and Science Communication and Society
    Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Studies
    Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education
    Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science Communication and Society
    Biodiversity and Sustainability
    Biology and Business Studies
    Biology and Education
    Biology and Science Communication and Society
    Biomedical Sciences
    Biomedical Sciences (Research)
    Biomedical Sciences Communication
    Biomedical Sciences Education
    Biomedical Sciences Management
    Book and Digital Media Studies
    Chemistry and Business Studies
    Chemistry and Education
    Chemistry and Science Communication and Society
    Child and Adolescent Psychology
    Child and Family Science
    Chinese Linguistics
    Chinese Studies
    Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence
    Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence (Research)
    Civiel recht
    Classics (Research)
    Classics and Ancient Civilizations
    Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research)
    Clinical and Health Psychology (Research)
    Clinical Neuropsychology
    Clinical Psychology
    Cognitive Neuroscience (Research)
    Colonial and Global History
    Colonial and Global History (Research)
    Comparative Indo-European Linguistics
    Computer Science
    Computer Science and Advanced Data Analytics
    Computer Science and Business Studies
    Computer Science and Education
    Computer Science and Science Communication and Society
    Crime and Criminal Justice
    Criminology and Criminal Justice
    Crisis and Security Management
    Cultural Analysis: Literature and Theory
    Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
    Culture and Politics
    Cyber Security
    Data Science: Computer Science
    Data Science: Statistical Science
    Developmental Psychology (Research)
    Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies (Research)
    Digital Media in Human Development
    Drug and Target Discovery
    East Asian Studies
    Economic and Consumer Psychology
    Economics and Governance
    Education and Child Studies
    Educational Science
    Egyptology (Research)
    Encyclopedie en filosofie van het recht
    English Language and Linguistics
    English Literature and Culture
    Ethics and Politics
    Europe 1000-1800
    Europe 1000-1800 (Research)
    European and International Business Law (Advanced)
    European and International Human Rights Law (Advanced)
    European History and Civilisation
    European Law
    European Tax Law (Advanced)
    European Union Studies
    Evolutionary Biology
    Film and Photographic Studies
    Financieel recht
    Fiscaal Recht
    Forensische Criminologie
    Forensische gezinspedagogiek
    French Language and Linguistics
    French Literature and Culture
    From Cells to Organisms
    German Language and Linguistics
    German Literature and Culture
    Global and European Labour Law (Advanced)
    Global Conflict in the Modern Era
    Global Ethnography
    Global Order in Historical Perspective
    Global Political Economy
    Health and Medical Psychology
    Hebrew and Aramaic Studies
    Hebrew and Aramaic Studies (Research)
    Heritage and Museum Studies
    History (Research)
    History and Philosophy of the Sciences
    History, Arts and Culture of Asia
    ICT in Business
    ICT in Business and the Public Sector
    ICT in the Public Sector
    Imaging and Intervention
    Industrial Ecology
    Industrial Pharmacy
    International Children’s Rights (Advanced)
    International Civil and Commercial Law (Advanced)
    International Criminal Law (Advanced)
    International Dispute Settlement and Arbitration (Advanced)
    International en European Governance
    International Organisation
    International Politics
    International Relations
    International Relations and Diplomacy
    International Tax Law (Advanced)
    Islamic Studies
    Israel Studies
    Italian Language and Linguistics
    Italian Literature and Culture
    Japanese Studies
    Journalistiek en Nieuwe Media
    Kinderen met Leer- en Gedragsproblemen in het Onderwijs
    Korean Studies
    Language and Communication
    Language Diversity of Africa, Asia and Native America
    Latin American Studies
    Latin American Studies (Research)
    Law and Digital Technologies (Advanced)
    Law and Finance (Advanced)
    Learning Problems and Impairments
    Leraar VHO in Algemene Economie
    Leraar VHO in Biologie
    Leraar VHO in Chinese taal en cultuur
    Leraar VHO in Duits
    Leraar VHO in Engels
    Leraar VHO in Filosofie
    Leraar VHO in Frans
    Leraar VHO in Geschiedenis en staatsinrichting
    Leraar VHO in Godsdienst en Levensbeschouwing
    Leraar VHO in Griekse en Latijnse taal en cultuur
    Leraar VHO in Kunstgeschiedenis en Culturele en Kunstzinnige Vorming/Kunst Algemeen
    Leraar VHO in Maatschappijleer en Maatschappijwetenschappen
    Leraar VHO in Management en Organisatie
    Leraar VHO in Natuurkunde
    Leraar VHO in Nederlands
    Leraar VHO in Scheikunde
    Leraar VHO in Spaans
    Leraar VHO in Wiskunde
    Life Science and Business Studies
    Life Science and Education
    Life Science and Science Communication and Society
    Life Science and Technology
    Life Science Research and Development
    Linguistics (Research)
    Literary Studies
    Literary Studies (Research)
    Literature in Society. Europe and Beyond
    Management publieke sector
    Mathematics and Business Studies
    Mathematics and Education
    Mathematics and Science Communication and Society
    Media Studies
    Media Technology
    Methodology and Statistics in Psychology
    Middle Eastern Studies
    Middle Eastern Studies (Research)
    Modern Middle East Studies
    Moderne Nederlandse letterkunde
    Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
    Museums and Collections
    Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict and Development
    Nederlandse politiek
    Nederlandse taalkunde
    North American Studies
    Notarieel Recht
    Occupational Health Psychology
    Oudere Nederlandse letterkunde
    Parties, Parliaments and Democracy
    Peace, Justice and Development (Advanced)
    Persian Studies
    Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture
    Philosophical Perspectives on Politics and the Economy
    Philosophy of Humanities
    Philosophy of Law
    Philosophy of Natural Sciences
    Philosophy of Political Science
    Philosophy of Psychology
    Physics and Business Studies
    Physics and Education
    Physics and Science Communication and Society
    Political Culture and National Identities
    Political Culture and National Identities (Research)
    Political Legitimacy and Justice
    Political Science
    Politics, Society and Economy of Asia
    Psychology (Research)
    Public Administration
    Public Affairs
    Public International Law
    Public International Law (Advanced)
    Public Management
    Research in Chemistry
    Research in Physics, Biological and Soft Matter Physics
    Research in Physics, Cosmology
    Research in Physics, pre-PhD (Casimir)
    Research in Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics
    Research in Physics, Theoretical
    Russian and Eurasian Studies
    School Psychology
    Sensing and Stimulation
    Social and Organisational Psychology
    Social and Organisational Psychology (Research)
    Sociology of Policy in Practice
    South Asian Studies
    Southeast Asian Studies
    Staats- en bestuursrecht
    Statistical Science
    Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences
    Straf- en strafprocesrecht
    Strategy, Consulting and Change Management
    Systems Pharmacology
    Taalbeheersing van het Nederlands
    Technical Medicine
    Theology and Religious Studies
    Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English)
    Turkish Studies
    Visual Ethnography
    Vitality and Ageing
    World Archaeology

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Leiden University: Alumni

Leiden University, founded in 1575, has over the centuries attracted many international names. You will be in good company in Leiden. These are some of the famous people in whose footsteps you will be following: Nelson Mandela (former ANC leader and former President of the South African Republic), Winston Churchill (British politician, journalist and statesman during the Second World War), Rene Descartes (French natural philosopher and mathematician), Albert Einstein (theoretical physicist, inventor and father of the theory of relativity), John Adams (second President of the United States).    

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Leiden University: Website

Leiden university has a special website for Master programmes. Check it out at:


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Leiden University

Leiden University

Rapenburg 70
2311EZ Leiden
Süd Holland
T +31 71 527 80 11

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Leiden University

Rapenburg 70
2311EZ Leiden
Süd Holland
T +31 71 527 80 11
Weitere Standorte:

Campus The Hague Location Schouwburgstraat

Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA Den Haag
Süd Holland
T +31 703021070

Campus The Hague Location Stichthage

Koningin Julianaplein 10
2595 AA Den Haag
Süd Holland
T +31 708009502

Leiden University Campus The Hague

Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG Den Haag
Süd Holland
T +31 7080 09503
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