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King's College London
    King's College London
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Waterloo Road 57
SE18UB London
+44 20 7836 5454


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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - King's College London

    Academic Practice in Higher Education
    Accounting, Accountability & Financial Management
    Addiction Studies
    Addictions (Research)
    Advanced (Neuromusculoskeletal) Physiotherapy
    Advanced Care in Dementia
    Advanced Computing
    Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry
    Advanced Paediatrics
    Advanced Practice
    Advanced Practice (District Nursing)
    Advanced Practice (Leadership)
    Advanced Practice (Midwifery)
    Advanced Practice (Specialist Community Public Health Nursing/ Health Visiting/School Nursing)
    Advanced Software Engineering
    Aesthetic Dentistry
    Age-Related Diseases (Research)
    Ageing & Society
    Air Power in the Modern World
    America and the World
    American Studies
    American Studies (Research)
    Analytical & Environmental Sciences (Research)
    Analytical Science for Industry
    Analytical Toxicology
    Ancient History
    Aquatic Resource Management
    Arts & Cultural Management
    Asthma, Allergy & Lung Biology (AALB) (Research)
    Aviation Medicine
    Biblical Studies, with pathways (Language and Literature; Theology)
    Bioethics & Society
    Bioinformatics (Research)
    Biomedical & Molecular Sciences Research
    Biostatistics (Research)
    Brazil in Global Perspective
    Brazilian Studies (Research)
    Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies (Research)
    Cancer Studies (Research)
    Cardiovascular (Research MPhil)
    Cardiovascular Research
    Cell & Molecular Biophysics (Research)
    Chemistry (Research)
    Child & Adolescent Mental Health
    Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Research)
    Child Studies
    China & Globalisation
    Chinese Studies (Research)
    Christianity & the Arts
    Cicely Saunders Institute of Palliative Care & Rehabilitation (Research)
    Classical Art & Archaeology
    Classics (Research)
    Clinical Dermatology
    Clinical Education
    Clinical Neuroscience
    Clinical Neuroscience (Research)
    Clinical Nursing
    Clinical Pharmacology
    Clinical Research
    Comparative Literature
    Comparative Literature (Research)
    Competition Law
    Complex Systems Modelling - From Biomedical and Natural to Economic and Social Sciences
    Computer Science (Research)
    Computing & Internet Systems
    Computing & Security
    Computing in Education
    Computing, IT Law & Management
    Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies
    Conflict, Security & Development
    Construction Law & Dispute Resolution
    Contemporary History
    Contemporary History (Research)
    Contemporary India
    Contemporary India (Research MPhil)
    Contemporary India (Research)
    Contemporary Literature, Culture & Theory
    Critical Methodologies
    Cultural & Creative Industries
    Culture, Media & Creative Industries (Research)
    Defence Studies (Research)
    Dental Public Health
    Dental Public Health distance learning
    Dentistry & Oral Science (Research)
    Developmental Neurobiology (Research)
    Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences (Research)
    Diagnostic Dermatopathology
    Digital Asset & Media Management
    Digital Culture & Society
    Digital Curation
    Digital Humanities
    Digital Humanities (Research)
    Disasters, Adaptation & Development
    Drug Development Science
    Drug Discovery Skills
    Early Intervention in Psychosis
    Early Modern English Literature: Text & Transmission
    Early Modern History
    Economics for Competition Law
    Education & Professional Studies
    Education & Professional Studies (Research)
    Education for Healthcare Professionals
    Education in Arts & Cultural Settings
    Education Management
    Education, Policy & Society
    Eighteenth-Century Studies
    Electronic Engineering with Management
    Emerging Economies and Inclusive Development
    Emerging Economies and International Development
    Engineering with Management
    English (Research)
    English in Education
    English Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics
    English: 1850-Present
    Environment & Development
    Environment, Politics & Globalisation
    Environmental Monitoring, Modelling & Management
    EU Competition Law
    Eurasian Political Economy & Energy
    European History
    European Law
    European Public Policy
    European Studies
    European Studies (Research)
    European Union Law
    Family Therapy
    Film Studies
    Film Studies (Research)
    Financial Mathematics
    Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics
    Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Science (Research)
    Forensic Mental Health
    Forensic Science
    French (Research)
    French Literature & Culture
    Genes, Environment & Development
    Genetics & Molecular Medicine (Research)
    Geography (Research)
    Geopolitics, Territory & Security
    German (Research)
    German & Comparative Literature
    Gerontology (Research)
    Global Environmental Change
    Global Ethics & Human Values
    Global Health
    Global Health & Social Justice
    Global History
    Global Mental Health
    Governance in Contemporary China
    Health & Social Care (Research)
    Health Psychology
    Health Service & Population Research
    Higher Education (Research)
    History (Research)
    History of Philosophy
    History of War
    Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences (Research)
    Human & Applied Physiology
    Human Resource Management & Organisational Analysis
    Immunology, Infection & Inflammatory Disease (Research)
    Intellectual Property & Information Law
    Intelligence & International Security
    Intelligent Systems
    International Business Law
    International Child Studies
    International Conflict Studies
    International Financial Law
    International Management
    International Marketing
    International Peace & Security
    International Political Economy
    International Programme in Addiction Studies
    International Relations
    International Relations & Contemporary War
    International Tax
    Jewish Studies
    Language & Cognition
    Language & Cultural Diversity
    Language, Discourse & Communication (Research)
    Late Antique & Byzantine Studies
    Latin American Development
    Law (Research)
    Leadership & Development
    Management (Research)
    Mathematics Education
    Mathematics Research
    Maxillofacial & Craniofacial Technology
    Maxillofacial Prosthetic Rehabilitation
    Medical Education (Research)
    Medical Engineering & Physics
    Medical Ethics & Law
    Medical Humanities
    Medical Imaging Sciences
    Medical Immunology
    Medical Law
    Medical Ultrasound
    Medicine, Science & Society
    Medieval English
    Medieval History
    Medieval Studies
    Mental Health Service & Population Research
    Mental Health Studies
    Middle East & Mediterranean Studies
    Middle East & Mediterranean Studies Research
    Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications
    Mobile & Personal Communications
    Mobile Internet Research
    Modern Foreign Languages Education
    Modern Greek Studies
    Modern History
    Molecular Biophysics
    Music (Research)
    Neuroimaging (Research)
    Neuroscience (Research)
    Nineteenth-Century Studies
    Non-Proliferation & International Security
    Nuclear Medicine: Science & Practice
    Nursing Research / Midwifery Research / Health Studies Research
    Old Age Psychiatry & Dementia (Research)
    Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology
    Paediatric Dentistry
    Palaeography & Manuscript Studies
    Palliative Care
    Palliative Care & Rehabilitation Research
    Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Control
    Pharmaceutical Science
    Pharmaceutical Technology
    Pharmacy Practice
    Philosophy of Medicine
    Philosophy of Mental Disorder
    Philosophy of Psychology
    Philosophy Research
    Physics Research
    Political Economy
    Political Economy of Emerging Markets
    Political Economy of the Middle East
    Political Economy Research
    Politics & Contemporary History
    Politics Research
    Psychiatric Research
    Psychological Medicine (Research)
    Psychology (Research)
    Psychosis Studies (Research)
    Public Health
    Public Policy
    Public Policy & Ageing
    Public Policy Research
    Public Services Policy & Management
    Radiopharmaceutics & PET Radiochemistry
    Regenerative Dentistry
    Religion in Contemporary Society
    Risk Analysis
    Russia in Global Systems
    Russian Policy & Society
    Science & Security
    Science Education
    Science, Technology & Medicine in History
    Security, Leadership & Society
    Shakespeare Studies
    Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry (Research)
    Social Science, Health & Medicine Research
    Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry
    South Asia & Global Security
    Space Physiology & Health
    Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies
    Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies Research
    Special Care Dentistry
    Sustainable Cities
    Systematic Theology
    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    Telecommunications & Internet Technology
    Telecommunications Research
    Terrorism, Security & Society
    Theatre & Performance Studies
    Theology & Religious Studies Research
    Theoretical Physics
    Tourism, Environment & Development
    Translational Cancer Medicine
    Translational Medicine
    Transnational Law
    Transplantation Immunology & Mucosal Biology
    UK, EU & US Copyright Law
    Vascular Ultrasound
    War & Psychiatry
    War in the Modern World
    War Studies
    War Studies (Research)
    Water: Science & Governance
    Web Intelligence
    Women's Health (Research Division)
    World History & Cultures

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