The Open University Named 'Most Searched for University' in Europe by Google

The Open University is delighted to learn that it ranks first in Europe for online university searches in Google (via BBC News). Unlike traditional university ranking systems, these new findings - released by Google - reveal students’ education preferences in this fast-paced digital age. Unsurprisingly, distance learning and e-learning have become preferred university options, as students realise they don't need to be based on campus to avail of top-quality, accredited education and support.

This sentiment was echoed by Google, who noted that "higher education institutions must decide whether to embrace and adapt, or risk getting left behind."

Indeed, the rate at which popularity of e-learning educators such as The Open University has grown is impressive.  For example, in 2011 and aside from The Open University, the most-searched for universities in the UK were traditional/campus-based, while this year, they've all been overtaken by online counterparts. As Google add; "The growth that they've experienced has been phenomenal."  

Here at The Open University - the largest academic institution in the UK - more than 200,000 students are currently enrolled in a variety of courses, with 31,500 overseas students registered in 2012/2013. The OU also has 15 curriculum partnerships established in 23 countries.

What's more, The Open University Business School is one of only a few institutions worldwide that are triple-accredited, with the OU MBA recently being ranked amongst the best in the world.

Read the full BBC News story on the most searched-for universities

More info on The Open University Business School



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