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International Master in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management

SINReM, the International Master in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management, is  2-year master programme leading towards a joint diploma of three European top universities. This Erasmus Mundus programme includes mobility in Germany, Sweden and Belgium. SINReM was awarded the EIT Raw Materials Label, a quality seal demonstrating excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation education. Scholarships are available!  


The International Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management ( educates a new generation of professionals able to develop technology and engineering to make the material cycles and the value chain more sustainable.

Focus is laid on sustainable management of metals and mineral resources, material sciences, chemistry and technology development. The elective majors cover Resource recovery and sustainable materials, Circular societies, Georesource exploration and Sustainable processes.


SINReM graduates have a broad perspective on the entire value chain and have extensive knowledge for optimising its resource flows. A strong focus is laid on abating supply risks for raw materials which are considered critical for Europe, but also on reducing emissions of waste products.  

Students gain knowledge in technologies for resource exploration, sustainable extraction processes, sustainable materials use in order to increase the lifespan of materials and integrated resource recovery processes, and about the tools to assess the long-term sustainability of technologies, products, services and processes involved.  

Next to academic and technological skills, complementary skills such as innovation management and entrepreneurship, are gained to become innovative and creative problem-solvers for the academic, research, public and private business sectors.


SINReM students attend three leading European universities: Ghent University in Belgium, Uppsala University in Sweden and TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany. An internship in SINReM’s wide network of companies is part of the programme. After graduation, a joint degree signed by the three universities and the EIT Raw Materials label is obtained. SINReM offers Erasmus Mundus and EIT Raw Materials scholarships. Of this last category (EIT), some scholarships are still available for the academic year 2020-2021! 

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