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University of Warwick
    University of Warwick
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University of Warwick

Gibbet Hill Road
CV4 7AL Coventry
England - West Midlands
T +4424 7652 3523

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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - University of Warwick

    Accounting and Finance (MSc)
    Accounting and Finance (MSc)
    Advanced Legal Studies (LLM)
    Advanced Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
    Analytical and Polymer Science (MSc)
    Analytical Sciences and Instrumentation (MSc)
    Ancient Literature and Thought (MA)
    Ancient Visual and Material Culture (MA)
    Applied Theatre: Arts, Action, Change (MA)
    Arts, Enterprise and Development (MA)
    Behavioural and Data Science (MSc)
    Behavioural and Economic Science (Economics) (MSc)
    Behavioural and Economic Science (MSc)
    Big Data and Digital Futures (MSc/PGDip)
    Biomedical Engineering (MSc)
    Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management (MSc)
    Business Analytics (MSc)
    Business and Finance (MSc)
    Business with Consulting (MSc)
    Business with Marketing (MSc)
    Business with Operations Management (MSc)
    Career Development and Coaching Studies (MA)
    Chemistry with Scientific Writing (MSc)
    Childhood in Society (MA)
    Clinical Applications of Psychology (MSc)
    Communications and Information Engineering (MSc)
    Computer Science (MSc)
    Continental Philosophy (MA)
    Creative and Media Enterprises (MA)
    Critical and Cultural Theory (MA)
    Culture of the European Renaissance (MA)
    Cyber Security
    Cyber Security Engineering (MSc)
    Cyber Security Management (MSc)
    Data Analytics (MSc)
    Digital Media and Culture (MA)
    Drama and Theatre Education (MA)
    Drama Education and English Language Teaching (MA)
    e-Business Management
    e-Business Management (MSc)
    Early Modern History (MA)
    Economics (MSc)
    Economics and International Financial Economics (MSc)
    Education (MA)
    Educational Innovation (MA)
    Educational Leadership and Management (MA)
    Electrical Power Engineering (MSc)
    Engineering Business Management
    Engineering Business Management (MSc)
    English and Drama (MA)
    English Literature (MA)
    Environmental Bioscience in a Changing Climate (MSc)
    Film and Television Studies (MA)
    Finance (MSc)
    Finance and Economics (MSc)
    Food Security (MSc)
    Gender and International Development (MA)
    Global and Comparative History (MA)
    Global Education and International Development (MA)
    Global Media and Communication (MA)
    Healthcare Operational Management
    History of Art and Visual Studies (MA)
    History of Medicine (MA)
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    International Technology Management
    International Trade, Strategy and Operations
    MA by Research in Classics and Ancient History
    Management for Business Excellence
    Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
    MSc in Chemistry by Research
    Programme and Project Management
    Research in French and Francophone Studies (MA)
    Research in German Studies (MA)
    Service Management and Design
    Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
    Supply Chain and Logistics Management
    Sustainable Automotive Engineering

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