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Hertie School in Berlin

The Hertie School is an international university located in vibrant and cosmopolitan Berlin. Exceptional teaching, research and outreach on international and intersectoral governance challenges are the school’s hallmark. Four interdisciplinary, practice-oriented graduate programmes are on offer: the Master of Public Policy (MPP), Master of International Affairs (MIA), Master of Data Science for Public Policy (MDS) and the Executive Master of Public Administration. 

As a member of the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN), the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), and CIVICA – The European University of Social Sciences, the Hertie School prides itself on a dynamic network of students, alumni, faculty and partner institutions around the globe. The Hertie School is a hub for top scholars, researchers, experts and representatives from the spheres of politics, business and civil society – who regularly contribute to events at the university. 

Close interaction with faculty, lively public debates and engagement with current policy developments characterise the study environment on campus, and students actively spearhead their own initiatives to foster the public good.

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Hertie School: Student life

Berlin is a political and cultural centre and a crossroads for travel in Germany, Europe and beyond. In the city's “Mitte” neighbourhood, the Hertie School is just minutes away from the Bundestag, the Brandenburg Gate and other important political and historic landmarks.
With numerous student clubs focused on discussing social innovation, sustainability and international political economy, or learning a new language, Hertie School students are constantly taking the initiative to make the most of their time at the school. From the student-run online magazine the Governance Post, to student-led panel discussions with ambassadors and conferences such as the European Public Policy Conference, there are many opportunities to get involved in and help foster a culture of exchange and engagement.
And it doesn’t stop with graduation! After finishing your master’s degree, you will join an active global alumni network, an integral part of the Hertie School community and a great resource for personal and professional development.

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Hertie School: Application

Candidates from all academic disciplines are welcome to apply to the Hertie School’s master’s programmes and scholarships via our online application portal: 

Applications are evaluated holistically, and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. There is no application fee.

For the MPP, MIA and MDS (apply between 1 October and 1 May):
Priority deadline: 1 February
Final deadline: 1 May

For the Executive MPA (apply between 1 December and 1 August):
Priority deadline: 1 June
Final deadline: 1 August

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Hertie School - Impressionen zum Masterstudium

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Hertie School: Financial Support

The Hertie School offers financial aid in the form of full and partial scholarships. If you are seeking financial support from the university, we encourage you to apply by the priority deadline of 1 February (MPP, MIA and MDS) and 1 June (Executive MPA).

Stipend-holders of the German “Begabtenförderungswerke” (publicly-funded scholarship organisations) are guaranteed a 25% tuition waiver upon admission to the MPP, MIA or MDS programme.

Find out more about funding opportunities:

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Hertie School: Karriere und Professional Year

Hands-on experience and professional development are built into the MPP, MIA, MDS and Executive MPA programmes. With workshops focusing on practical skills, a mandatory internship and a master's thesis that allows you to tackle a real-world challenge, the Hertie School's master's programmes are designed to give you the tools needed for a future career in the public, private or non-profit sector.

Furthermore, with the support of a dedicated Career Development team to help you better understand your strengths, values and professional goals, you can attend workshops, 1:1 consultations, networking events and more. 

MPP, MIA and MDS students who want to incorporate even more practical experience into their degree can opt to apply for a Professional Year and work for 9-15 months between the first and second year of their studies. Students particularly interested in gaining work experience in public sector consulting are welcome to apply to the Hertie School’s Integrated Professional Year programme with BwConsulting.

Find out more about the Professional Year:

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Hertie School


Friedrichstraße 180
10117 Berlin
T 030 259219-114

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